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I understand that you're a little dissapointed and that you expected a little more for the clip but i think that ben worked really hard for this video and its actually pretty amazing... But I think i know how you feel :) it's not like story of my life :D

Yeah, but I’m not taking anything away from Ben, I don’t wanna sound unappreciative of his efforts, haha. I know he’s worked hard and I respect that, but yeah, not everything you do as a visionary hits everybody, and he didn’t hit me this time, but that’s cool. Maybe next time :) 

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do you think he'll show up at coachella?

I seriously doubt it, but you never know with Harry ;)

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I imagined when I first heard the song for the video to start off as all the boys fighting with their significant others. She leaves and they're all in some location, by the fire, at a bar, in the woods, somewhere. They're singing and reflecting back on all their memories. He chases after her towards the end and they make up. Maybe one proposes. I just expected more because the song has such an amazing message.

They definitely could’ve taken a more story-like approach, yeah. Not your typical clichè story, but something sweet and touching. I understand the beauty in simplicity, but I would’ve liked a little more for this song :)

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In all honesty, I was extremely disappointed with the video. Yeah, some parts were really cool, but there was barely anything there. The song is one of my favorites from them, but the video was subpar. I thought maybe they would have had something like SOML with a story kind of feel.

I see your point… In my case, it’s actually the most played song off of the record, so naturally I had my set of expectations, which sadly weren’t met :/ 

I do feel like Ben is onto SOMETHING in this though. The whole morphing idea works in some aspects of the vid. I especially liked the detail with the ball which “morphed” aswell. (albeit a bit random that a ball randomly showed up, but still.) But the video as a whole falls short… Again, it feels a bit rushed for me. Ben even tweeted that he had a lot to do in a short number of days, and I think it shows… 

you know my hips dont lie and im starting to feel its right

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I just want to forget the You and I video ever happened. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the song, but I don't think it's single material. I think Strong or Happily should have been the next single. Anyway, I just want to focus on the fact that the tour starts in a couple days and we will get sexy Harry stage pictures!! Him fucking the microphone stand, being silly, nasty, dirty, aggressive, and fun onstage. I can't wait!

It’s not a terrible video imo, but I do feel like maybe the vision has run a bit dry? But Ben is an amazing director… BSE was hilarious and SO well executed. SOML was brilliant and hit us right in the heart and left a lasting impression… But the two latest videos have left me disappointed. We know what Ben is capable of though, so that’s not the issue, but maybe it’s time for another director to put his or hers spin on things? :) 

But the tour, yes!! Shit, I can’t wait either. YOU KNOW HOW HARRY IS GONNA GET


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it was probably filmed two times quicker than the original audio to make it slow motion in the final edit, so i guess that's also a bit harder? but they did that for story of my life as well i think so idk :)

Yes, it’s that 50 frames technique. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t… I personally didn’t think it worked in this case :)

Anybody else react to the lip-syncing in this vid? I thought it was really bad, man. The 50 frames technique didn’t really work in this form, in my humble opinion. It all looked a bit strange and ‘off’… 

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It is not about making fun of Harry really.. More like making fun of the whole video and mainly about Ben Winston

Gotcha. Yeah, I’ve seen that a lot of people aren’t really feeling it, and I have to add myself to that list, but it is what it is :) 

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On tumblr. They making gifs because of his little sprint

His sprint? Wow…That’s the last thing people should be talking about when it comes to this video.